If you are looking for a rewarding Professional Business Opportunity with the support of like-minded, motivated entrepreneurs, then HGI is your answer.

Hegemon Group International is leading a new wealth empowerment revolution that is helping individuals and families protect and improve their financial future.
Our model is simply helping others get a handle on their financial future and showing them how they can diversify their income by doing the same for others.

Our mission is to create more financially independent families than any other business in history, and we are accomplishing this mission by empowering independent professionals and incentivizing them to build a distribution organization and move professional products through their distribution outlets.

Each HGI associate is empowered with world-class products, tools, and support that will enable them to be in business for themselves, but not by themselves.

We provide a proven system that is designed to help you succeed, along with world-class products and services from some of the leading providers in the financial services industry.


The core of HGI is centered on the Leadership Format System.  This simple, yet powerful system has been the driving force behind two seperate billion-dollar market cap companies.

Success through this system ultimately comes down to the rapid repetition of six simple steps which will lead to the building of a giant distribution system.

This system has been tested and proven and has been responsible for approximately 15,000,000 individual sales, generating over two billion dollars in field compensation.
Those who have been successful in this industry understand that you simply have to run the system and the system runs the business.
One of the biggest advantages with HGI is that Hubert Humphrey, the Architect of the System, understands its power and is committed to sharing his knowledge and experience with HGI associates in order to help them realize their dreams.


Whether you are looking for something part-time to supplement your income, or you are looking for a full–time business, HGI offers unlimited earnings potential that will help you achieve your goals and realize your dreams.

HGI has the most agressive compensation plan in the financial services industry!
The HGI Compensation Plan is designed to generously reward associates for building distribution, and then moving products through the distribution outlets. 
In addition to the powerful compensation plan, associates have ongoing opportunities to earn special recognition and rewards like diamond-studded promotional pins, super-bowl-style leadership rings, success watches, luxury vehicles, luxurious trips to exotic destinations, and much more…all in the spirit of building a world-class organization.
HGI also offers programs and products that allow new assoicates to get off to a fast start without having to wait for their state licensing...allowing them to "earn while they learn."
The bottom line...as a new HGI associate running the Leadership Format System, your personal sales commissions will increase and you will begin to benefit from overrides on the sales volume your new associates generate.  The more effective a leader you become, the more money you will make…and it is all done by following the simple steps of our proven Leadership Format System.
In order to receive commissions and bonuses, you must be enrolled, active, licensed with proper carriers when necessary, and be in good standing with HGI.