Helping People With Dreams

Hegemon Group International


Hegemon Group International is an independent marketing company that is bringing Wall Street to Main Street. No matter what financial challenges clients may face, HGI has the experience and resources to create a successful financial plan. Whether it is debt management, retirement strategies, life insurance or other financial needs, HGI is able to help clients achieve financial independence.

Hubert Humphrey

HGI Founder, Chairman & CEO

Hubert began his journey during the early days of A.L. Williams, where he began to develop a systematic approach to building distribution through relationship marketing. At A.L. Williams, Hubert's system played a major role in recruiting over 1.5 million associates and revolutionized the way insurance was sold.

After A.L. Williams, Hubert launched World Marketing Alliance and made history again, recruiting over 430,000 associates and becoming one of the largest independent marketers of financial services products in the world. Hubert sold WMA in 2001 to one of the largest financial institutions in the world and has now embarked on his greatest venture yet.

Leveraging his 30 years of skills, experience, and relationships, Hubert has strategically designed HGI as a solution-based company to help individuals and families improve their lives through a professional business opportunity.

"When the historians of the future look back on HGI, I want them to remember us as a company that came along at a pivotal time in the nation's history and literally caused the free enterprise system to bear the fruit of wealth and put it in the hands of many, not just a few. I want us to go down in history as a company that made a difference."

-Hubert Humphrey